Written and Designed by Jake Dial / Photography by Joseph Lucey and Shaun Wilson


I just graduated from the fashion design program at West Virginia University, and in my time there I developed a real love and focus for sustainability in fashion. My collection largely focuses on the exploration and use of natural, regenerative and reclaimed fibers. All the looks utilize organic cotton, deadstock wool and reclaimed fabrics.

Growing up in Milton, West Virginia, has also had a huge impact on my design philosophy. I spent my childhood reaping the benefits that the state has to offer. I remember almost every moment of my summers in the hills. I would go hiking, fishing, blackberry picking and spend the whole day outdoors. Over the years, I have amassed a huge amount of respect and love for my home state, hence why I have decided to dedicate my senior collection to West Virginia.

This collection explores my experience growing up in the state along with the stereotypes that Appalachian individuals have been cast into. From my research and inspiration I have created a cohesive collection that blends classic tailoring with curated influences from West Virginian culture. This is an ode to the rich textile industry that West Virginia once had that is both true to my heritage while modernizing and challenging the West Virginia “hillbilly” cliché.