Rachel Edinger is a senior in high school from Wheeling, WV. She is making plans now to pursue art at the collegiate level. An alumna of WV Governor’s School of the Arts 2022, Rachel is passionate about creating art in Appalachia for other Appalachians. Her work has been selected and awarded at the Stifel Fine Arts Center Regional Student Artist Exhibition. In Spring 2023, her illustration of the Linsly Aviator was selected, displayed, and published in a Wheeling Alphabet Exhibition. Rachel’s work focuses on human expression and emotion. She works to capture small gestures, feelings, and stories through her choices of vibrant color and composition. In between paintings, Rachel spends her time collecting vintage clothing, browsing local antique stores, sharing coffees with friends, and working as a hostess at Wheeling’s beloved Later Alligator. All of her ventures further her passion for understanding people and add to her growing love of sharing art. 

Recent work by Rachel Edinger