Artwork by Jack Chromey Pottery by Betsy Cox Art by Arron Foster Art by Benjamin Conley Paintings by Diana Ferguson-DiFergi Paintings by Russell Facemire Paintings & Mixed Media by Annie Hart Paintings by Claira Barilar Art by Mallory Sherman Art by Victoria Garnes Paintings by Liuquing Ruth Yang Sculptures by Emma Posey Paintings by Annabella Paree Paintings by Brandy Jefferys Paintings by Levi Simpkins a.k.a Indigo Richwood 3D Art by Jessie McClanahan Paintings by Sikara Sokel Paintings by Taylor Pate Paintings by Rachel Dennison Digital Illustrations, Paintings, & Mixed Media by Payton Brown Artwork by Annie Hart Collection By Steve Hughart American Traditional Tattoo Illustrations by Julian Holt Artwork by Andrew Brooks SuprSpreadr (& other works) painting of a girl blowing bubble gum in a whispy streaks Bubblegum I (& other works) Collaged artwork showing a woman that is half made from sunflowers and half made of a human. Divided (& other works) Collage styled artwork featuring a bunny-looking man in the middle of the collage with antique old art in the background. “Groom” (& other works) A painting of a person with brunette hair seeming to float with their eyes closed next to the floating line in the pool that separates the shallow end from the deep end in bright colors Learning to Swim (& other works) Person grabbing themself around their body standing in front of the mirror in the bathroom. Bathroom Ritual Oil painting by Rachel Edinger of people Ticket to Ride (& other works) My Limitations In Conversation Sharp Tongue (& other works) drawing of one larger cow and a smaller cow with two heads at night time in front of a fence in their field. In The North Field (& other works)