Ryan (he/him) is a full-time attorney based out of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania who employs his love of writing both day and night. Ryan received his Law Degree from Duquesne School of Law in 2021. After law school Ryan then took a role as an appellate attorney working for the District Attorney’s Office in Mercer County Pennsylvania. Every day of the week Ryan would be working diligently on drafting 50-100 page appellate briefs to the Superior Court of Pennsylvania. Despite writing all day for his professional job, Ryan still found himself typing away at his computer to create a young adult fantasy novel that he hopes to (one day) complete and professionally publish. Since moving to Pittsburgh from New Jersey, Ryan has fallen in love with the culture and people of the Appalachian Region. Ryan hopes to continue to use his love of writing to showcase the countless talented artists who call Appalachia their home. 

Recent work by Ryan Wilityer