Samantha Taylor is an Appalachian artist that explores sexuality and the human body. She believes these are beautiful, powerful and fascinating subjects that can evoke emotions, thoughts and reactions, and can tell a lot about us as individuals and as a society. She finds herself continually drawn into exploring these themes, to find new ways of expressing herself through art. In her ceramic works, she creates pieces that explore ideas of intimacy, vulnerability, and ecstasy. There’s something raw and primal about the feel of clay in one’s hands, and she finds this medium lends itself perfectly to the exploration of these emotions and themes. On the other hand, oil painting as a medium allows her to incorporate vivid, intricate details into her artwork. She is fascinated by the potential of oil paint and the way it can be used to create both realism and abstraction, constantly experimenting with new techniques to create different textures. 

Recent work by Samantha Taylor